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Take a Tour of French House with These 5 Artists

A wise friend once told me…watch out for those French DJs.  What does he mean exactly? France is known for that  French House and Euro techno vibe. Some of the best producers and DJs derive from France, like Tchami, Daft Punk, and DJ Snake.  Those are pretty solid and familiar names. We know many great French DJs, but here is our top 5 list of unique French DJs to keep an eye on. Some names you heard of and some you haven’t. Regardless, these are some names you should become familiar with and maybe even add them to your favorite playlists. Ladies and Gentlemen, French House:

5. Worakls

Worakls came from a musical family.  Advancing through his career, his piano beat combined with his electronic music causes you to get lost with his upbeat trance sound.  Worakls keeps progressing his career with his new label, Hungry Music. This label began with his two friends, N’to and Joachim Pasto.  If you love deep house, Worakls is a producer you need to check out, along with his record label!

4. Miss Kittin

In this world of Electronic Music, female DJs are quite rare.  This edgy girl has been DJing since 1994. Since her first gig, she has never looked back and DJing has forever been her passion. Tracks like “Frank Sinatra” and “1982” brought her to the spotlight in the early 2000’s. Along with her production work, Miss Kittin’s vocals and Euro electronic beat create a different techno sound that has made her thrive since the 90’s.

3. Francois X

He has been DJing since 1999, and began producing in 2009.  He is a beast in techno.  He is co-owner of the record label, Heartbeat (dement3d), which is one of the largest Parisian techno record labels! If he is not slamming Parisian and European clubs with his own beat, he is working on his duo with Opuswerk known as Hiss:1292.

2. D’julz

This man began way back in ‘92. D’julz is most commonly known for his tech house.  He has also made an impact on Parisian Nightlife because of these legendary nights called “Bass Culture” Night.  This night has occured once a month since 1997, which makes it the longest running event in club history! This night is so successful that he even named his own record label, Bass Culture, after this nightlife event.  D’julz should not be an unheard of name, and if it is to you, then you should link on over to his soundcloud. He has worked with countless record labels over the years including 20:20 Vision, Mobilee, and Rekids. A madman traveling the world since the 90’s, he continues to impact music culture. Check out his top song and see if you are about D’julz.


The biggest question of them all…Who is Malaa? This mysterious masked DJ keeps dropping the dirtiest of sounds. “Fade” easily sums up the unique beat and heavy bass with the lyrics, “everywhere we go, people know who we are.” But really…do we know who you are? Some say that Malaa is two famous French DJs, Tchami and DJ Snake due to certain social media comments. Also, Maalahas multiple releases on Confessions, which is the label owned by Tchami. Could Maala be these two great French producers?  No one knows but Malaa himself. Maala had a fantastic show this past Memorial Day Weekend… were you there to witness it?

Hopefully, you have some new sounds to your summer playlist.  But, hey… maybe you’ll fall so in love with these Parisian artists that you go to France to see them yourself! We still have three months of summer left!

Connect with Worakls: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Miss Kittin: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Francois X: Website| FacebookSoundcloud

Connect with D’julz: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Malaa: Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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