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5 Bixel Boys Songs You Need to Hear Before They Tear up the Valley

Before we know it, Bixel Boys are gonna be here in the valley demonstrating their vast diversity as multi-genre producers. Founded on downtown rooftops and raised in Venice basements, Bixel Boys experimented with sounds inspired by everything from R&B vocals to deep house to trap percussion, creating a high energy vibe in every single one of their tracks. To warm you up to their sound and really how vast their music reaches in terms of styles, we’ve put together five songs demonstrating how Bixel Boys throw down.


Starting out with some trumpets and a bit of a latin feel considered the syncopated rhythms, Amigo soon develops to a smooth jazz chord progression and deep house bassline. With light percussive elements to keep the energy high, this groove of this song will have you on the dance floor movin’ your feet in a matter of seconds! It’s a great first song to start the night out with so we decided to put it first on our list.


Moving to something a with a little more energy after we’ve got our bodies moving, “Tape” comes out with some smooth synths and light percussive elements. The long build up soon develops into a bouncy bass line and darker vocals over the drop. The sounds in this song are a little bit more electronic too and the detuned synths getting pitched up and down over the breakdown/build up will surely have your head spinning until the bass line grabs your focus again in the drop.

Ain’t Your Girl

My personal favorite and most recent release of Bixel Boys is Ain’t Your Girl which got released on the almighty OWSLA label, land of Skrillex. However, the song really does deserve to be on this label because it really creates that dark and raw sound with a thick bass that sits on your face. Give it a listen yourself and it’ll speak for itself.

Elliphant – Never Been In Love (Bixel Edition)

Putting a twist on things and swerving away from house music, Bixel boys show off their diversity with this track. With a echoey triumphant vocals and a upbeat drum pattern, you almost want to raise your fist as this song builds up. Using steel drums in the drop you’re suddenly hit with a Caribbean/tribe feel in this song. However the electro synths in the background really keep the song grooving the provide a unique blend of several different styles in this song.


Taking another direction, Bixel Boys in this tune create a progressive ambient track with a chord progression that oozes nostalgia. The dimly buzzing synths and plucking electric keys in the background slowly grow over the course of the majority of the track until finally tension is released and everything fades away into nothingness. While it’s a vastly different approach at a track, when you understand that Bixel Boys really tried to instill emotion into their listeners by providing a sense of coming home, you understand the pure perfection and beauty in this track.

Don’t forget that Bixel Boys will be here in the valley on June 11th along with special guest Hunter Siegel. You definitely do not want to miss out on this awesome show here! Grab tickets here while you can!

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