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Discover DreamVille As You Enter The Realms Of TomorrowWorld

As one enters the World of Tomorrow, hidden within the woods of Chattahoochee Hills, they’re welcomed to DreamVille. Dreamville is the lively town that the people of tomorrow come home to after a long eventful day at the festival that keeps you immersed in the TomorrowWorld experience from the second you get there until you’re packing up your stuff on Monday morning. This little city has everything you could ever need for festival camping and so much more! Apart from the many different options you have for camping, there is also a marketplace, multiple community centers, activities, and their very own welcoming party called “The Gathering.” DreamVille offers you a beautiful surrounding with multiple amenities to recharge for another day at the festival including yoga, bass bodies workouts, CYC spinning, pilates, zumba and meditation sessions. Some of the options available for fun include speed dating, dance-off competitions, lip sync battles, as well as district house game rentals that you can bring back to your camp to play.


Camping Options:

As far as festival camping goes, TomorrowWorld offers a multitude of options for anyone from do-it-yourselfers to the most bougie of choices. The first option, Magnificent Green Camping, is the most economical choice and also allows you to bring your own tent, camping gear, and whatever else you may need for your stay. If you are traveling from out of state and can’t drive up with your gear, don’t fret. They also sell $99 do-it-yourself tents, and you can buy everything else you’ll need from the Camping Store at the Marketplace.

Easy Tent

For those who don’t want to spend time setting up their campground, TomorrowWorld offers something truly unique to festival camping – Easy Tents that provide you with air mattresses, sleeping bags, and a night light so that there is no need to bring your own camping supplies. Once you check in at the Easy Tent Lobby you can simply drop your bags at your pre-built tent and go enjoy the surprises Dreamville and TomorrowWorld have to offer.

As far as the bougier options go, TomorrowWorld has some excellent options that will make you forget that you’re even camping! All of these options will give you access to upgraded DreamVille facilities and The Montagoe Tent. The Montagoe tent will have delicious catering available as well as a cozy bar, a restaurant, massages and more. The first bougie option is the oversized safari style Dream Lodges. This ticket option will give you and one other person your own beds with comfortable mattresses, a spacious terrace with its own table and chairs, a locker, extra storage space for your belonging, and even electricity to charge up your phones! The second option is the DreamVille Cabanas. Each cabana has electricity and can be locked up to keep your belongings safe as you venture around. They also come with two beds with pillows and soft comfy duvets to cuddle up in after a long day and night of dancing. You’ll also be able to relax in your cozy outdoor furniture as the 24-hour reception staff takes care of you during your stay.

TomorrowWorld Manor

The last bougie option is by far the most luxurious accommodations available at DreamVille that I can only dream to have for myself one day – the TomorrowWorld Manors. Each Manor can fit up to 12 people and brings you all the comforts of a private hotel suite while still staying within the DreamVille community. Upon your arrival, each of you will be greeted with a glass of champagne before you’re escorted to your own private Manor. Once you get to your “campgrounds,” you’ll surely make everyone else jealous when they see that you have a private tour bus for sleeping, a private trailer with a bathroom and shower, a terrace lounge area with outdoor furniture, a stocked bar and Jacuzzi, all enclosed by a fenced perimeter so you can maintain your privacy. If you and 11 of your closest friends have an extra $42,500 lying around, this is what you’ll want to be spending your money on. These packages, as well as the rest, all come with enough tickets for everyone in your camp.

The Marketplace:


Wherever you decide upon staying in DreamVille, you will have access to the Marketplace, containing a variety of different shops and food options.

Marketplace Shopping: 

Alternative Apparel: a place where both men and women can shop for the latest in fashion.

Art Collective: a variety of arts & crafts from local artisans

Boutique: a high end selection of European and Indian fashions

Camping Store: a place to grab all of your camping needs while in DreamVille

Festival Gear: from sunglasses to flags and everything in between

General Store: your on site supermarket

Glow Goods: get ready for the party with a wide selection of festival fashion and

Portable Power: keep your cell phone and all your other electronics charged throughout the weekend

Salon & Spa: stop by for everything from hair styling to massages

Solar Gadgets: when you’re on the go, the sun is the best power source

Marketplace Dining Options: 

Bakery: start your morning right with fresh made baguettes and other great baked treats

BBQ Booth: famous southern barbeque cooked all day before being delivered hot & fresh for you

Gourmet Hamburger Hut: serving great burgers, dogs, and fries all weekend long

Smoothie Shop: cool down during the weekend with any of the great fruit smoothie options

Classic Southern Chicken and Waffles!

The Gathering:

The Gathering New Stage

The Gathering is the welcoming party that all who are staying in DreamVille are invited to. It will take place the Thursday, September 24th from 2pm – 1am. Once you have your camp set up in the small city of TomorrowWorld, come on by for a not-so-small party! The DJs who played at The Gathering last year included: Comrad&Coin, Mashpop, Stereo Killah, Florian Picasso, Jacklndn, Bixel Boys, Vaski, M4sonic, Sultan + Ned Shepard, DVBBS, and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Yves V. Entrance is free and this event won’t be one you’ll want to miss!

TomorrowWorld starts Friday, September 25th until Sunday, September 27th. Don’t miss your chance to experience ultimate happiness – purchase your tickets and find more info about TomorrowWorld here.

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