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RB Weekend Preview: #WeekendGang – TWRK, Carnage, Louisahhh, and Hunter Siegel & Bixel Boys

As the last weekend of August rolls up around us, Summer is nearing its end which means we are headed into the busiest season for Relentless Beats. Before diving into September we wanted to close the month of August out strong so we have TWRK starting the weekend out on Friday at Gypsy Bar, the infamous Carnage at Talking Stick Resort Saturday during the day, Lousiahhh at Monarch Theatre that same night, and then we got our favorites Hunter Siegel & Bixel Boys rescheduled for the closing ceremonies of August at Talking Stick Resort on Sunday!

TWRK @ Gypsy Bar

TWRK is a duo that consists of Benzi and eSenTRICK, two DJs and producers that have been around for a lot longer than you could probably imagine. ESenTRIK got his start spinning hip hop in 2002, creating blend mixtapes to pass around to kids at his high school. His first break into the scene was in 2010, a bootleg remix of the Drake hit, “Over,” which was featured on many blogs including the Fader magazine and Drake’s October’s Very Own site. Benzi is a busy man. International DJ, record label head honcho, brand builder, radio host, and genre chemist(combining rap and dubstep as one of his favorites. Together the two bring a fusion of music and created as TWRK to bring you some of the filthiest trap/hip-hop/future bass/dubstep elements you will hear in music today. Their latest track “Put The Wheels In Motion”  illustrates their melting pot of styles perfectly.

Carnage @ Talking Stick Resort

Get ready to enter into ASOC (A State of Carnage) this weekend at Talking Stick Resort! His latest track feat. Young Thug & Shakka will definitely be making you get down and groovy on the dance floor. Steering away from his usual choice of music that has a lot more energy, Carnage decide to really put the feels on with Don’t Call Me” with a smooth boomy 808 kick and light hi hats that pitter patter through the track. Carnage has been known to receive some criticism here and there, but regardless when the guy puts on music like this and can obviously spread himself through the industry and collab with people like Young Thug to Kayzo has to mean something.

Louisahhh @ Monarch Theatre

Raised in an atmosphere bursting with passion for music, Louisahhh started singing and playing instruments at an early age before discovering a passion for DJing. Starting at age 17, sneaking into New York City clubs with fake IDs, Louisahhh (a name chosen ‘as a war cry or a shriek of delight’) has since honed a style that is hard but deep, tough but tender, and home to none other than wonderful techno. To get a feel for the thumping beats that Louisahhh that will engulf Monarch this weekend check out her exclusive mix by Mix Up on Triple J!

Hunter Siegel + Bixel Boys @ Talking Stick Resort

That’s right everybody we are bringing them back for an even better show at Talking Stick Resort this weekend to end the month! Hunter Siegel is definitely a man whose music you’ve heard before as he is the guy behind the track that has played out by nearly everyone at some point, OTF. It’s songs like these that make everybody lose their shit on the dance floor, with a gnarly bass line and a drum pattern that forces you to get up and move.

Bixel Boys is a duo consisted of Ian and Rob who reign from Los Angeles, California. Their newest track just hit the market 26 days ago and it is titled “Love Mark” featuring Jarell Perry. With smooth vocals and a slowly building drop, you wouldn’t think this song would bring the heat it does as it finally does drop at 1:30. You could almost all this a sort of progressive deep house really, and when we say deep, we really mean it. Give yourself a listen to see how low Bixel Boys can really go with their sound!

As per usual, ticket links should be in the title of each shows name so go ahead and click there and you should be good to go! Other than that have a fun and safe weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the dance floor!

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