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Chime: This Young Dubstep Star is A Legend on the Come Up

Coming hot off of FirePower Records, Chime has just released his “From Fairies to Fire” EP and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. Maybe this is just my personal taste and sound sticking out that I’ve fallen in love and found in another artist, but Chime is not here to mess around one single bit. I’m gonna go ahead and lay out the playlist right now and then we can dive into some specifics.

Catch Up

First track off of this new EP and it’s my favorite of them all. With a very gentle opening with some plucking synths and some almost pan flute like setting down the basis of the chord progression, you immediately are sucked into the song by the infinite amount of curiosity it provokes in you. With a main lead synth that swings into the punch of every note, it’s characteristics and sound design are so unique that the rather more complex and “non-repetitive/commerical” melody Chime has designed memorizes every part of your brain in intense euphoria. And he hasn’t even hit the drop at this point either. Combine his dirty growls with more of that synth we heard in the beginning and phat synth chords and you’ll now understand the sheer emotion and intensity that went into this truly wonderful piece of art.


Definitely a little more filthy start in this track. Kind of similar to the lead in the last song, but with more distortion and down an octave or two, the rolling bass in this song will have you headbanging and bouncing to match the energy here. Once again, some of the most impressive sound design I’ve laid my ears upon comes from this track. Those individual quarter notes(if the song is 70 bpm) at 1:115 in just absolutely melt my face.


Halfway through the EP and we come across Ethereal. This one is almost more future bass like sounding in the beginning, which could be a good description of Chime’s music, a fusion of dubstep and future bass. More plucky synths at the beginning of the song put you in a tranquil state of mind, only to be completely smacked out of the way when the drop hits and the dubstep growls are back in your face saying “SHOW ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT RIGHT NOW”.

From Fairies to Fire

The last beauty that Chime has put together for us. This one dances around a little more at the beginning featuring the very infamous pluck synths that Chime has all over this whole EP. While the drop is still mainly dubstep, the breakdown and build ups in this song are very reminiscent of Future Bass featuring synth chords with slow attacks. I guess you might even say some of those pluck synths he loves so much are a bit from the future bass era of things as well. He really plays on the melodic side of things too with his synth chords, but thank god doesn’t choose basic melodies and dives a little deeper musically.

Hopefully y’all enjoyed this EP as much as I have because it’s been my number 1 choice right now. Can’t get enough of this and can’t wait to see what Chime has in store for us coming up sooner down the road. Be sure to check out all of his social media links below and give him a follow on Soundcloud!

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