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Justin Jay Released Part Four of New Album, “Fantastic Voyage”

For Justin Jay, the release of “Fantastic Voyage” has been both an arduous task of tracks being released in “parts,” to fully make a cohesive effort. Although the release of the physical tracks have been sporadic, “Fantastic Voyage” has in no short been fantastic, as well as being a blinking marker for fans who wish to see an artist release tracks at a rate in which you see the progression of the album and why each song has a place on the tracklisting. From the ashes, rising up to the latter part of the album, is the June 16th-released track entitled “Climbing Trees,” featuring Josh Taylor and Benny Bridges. Justin Jay never fails to neglect his “& Friends” portion of the deal, for not only is the album itself scattered with chill guitar riffs and calming vocals, but “Climbing Trees” especially signifies a vibration akin to those moments in life when time has no concept.

“Climbing Trees,” although late in the album, provides a crescendo of simplistic sounds that come together in a menagerie that transcends its tagged genre on Soundcloud as well. Although the track is listed as “Deep House,” the newest track on his full-length release gives a feeling of crescendo to the other tracks and makes what seems like a fractured album into a very cohesive effort. Although his recent efforts are almost 90% house, you can sometimes pick up those tiny moments of techno that bleed through into his sound.

Justin Jay’s “Part Four” of “Fantastic Voyage” proves that the artistic journey he took on this voyage was indeed worth it. It has been quite a bit in waiting, but “Climbing Trees” has just the right amount of “chill” along to balance it with the party; set sail with Justin Jay, and get ready to begin a musical voyage.

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