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Make Your Mark: Get Cookin’ with Slow Roast Records

This week’s Make Your Mark goes to a very special record label, Slow Roast Records. Haven’t heard of them before? Well, I hope you know Kill the Noise and Craze because they were the masterminds that began this label.

Both founders have a phenomenal musical career. Let’s begin with Craze. He is the only single DJ who won DMC World Championships 3x over! Time Magazine crowned him with the title of “America’s Best DJ.”

Kill the Noise should not be an unheard of name. In 2014, Kill the Noise won his second MTV Video Music Award. He also co-wrote Skrillex’s album, Recess. Along with that, he also helped produce the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” soundtrack.

Needless to say the founders have an extensive musical background. You should expect this record label to be absolutely on fire. Artists that have signed on to this label not only include the founders, but also Brillz, Milo & Otis, STFU, Rafix, and many more.

I think you can get the feel of what kind of label Slow Roast Records is. You got your dubstep, drum and bass, and trap. If this sounds like your kind of music, be sure to check out Slow Roast Records on Soundcloud to be updated with the newest and most lit tracks. Also we also have a great opportunity to see both of this label’s founders this month! You can catch Kill the Noise on Saturday, July 9th at Monarch, and Craze on Saturday July 16th at The Pressroom for Trapfest. Be prepared to get loose and rage your face off with Kill the Noise and Craze.

Connect with Slow Roast Records: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Kill the Noise: Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

Connect with Craze: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Soundcloud

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