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RBDeep In the Mix: HI-LO Powerhauz Workout Mix

HI-LO is the underground and bass-driven alias of Dutch House producer Oliver Heldens. His big break in 2013 was really significant because with tracks like “Gecko” and “Koala”, he was considered to be one of the DJs to bring Future House to where it is today. While making a lot of new music since then, most of the more underground and bassline heavy tunes didn’t get to see the light because they were not as appealing to release comparing to the more melodic tracks. So the idea to create an alias separated from Oliver Heldens was a big relief for him and gave him a lot more musical freedom. HI-LO has a unique sound because Heldens is looking to push the boundaries between bassline driven genres like Techno, Tech-House, UK and Bass House. A few weeks ago, HI-LO created his first official stand-alone mix featuring a lot of tracks he has been working on. Check it out!

This mix is picked to be this week’s RBDeep In the Mix because of its energy level and the versatility of HI-LO. The energy level is a given since the mix is called the Powerhauz Workout mix. The mix featured hyped up tracks with a lot of strength and intensity such as the hardcore version of Go Bang by Chocolate Puma and Firebeatz, Chris Lake‘s remix of Missy Elliot’s WTF, and HI-LO’s edition of Warehouse Anthem by Sidney Charles. He also played a few of his own music like the infamous Renegade Mastah, Ooh La La, and his newest remix of Go by Moby. Which brings me to the next point of the versatility of HI-LO. From Techno to Bass House, to Electro and bring it back to Tech House and UK Deep, this half-hour mix has a little bit of all the underground styles. Even through the ups and downs of the mix, the energy level stays the same because of the smooth transitions between these different genres.

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