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A Few Steps to Mentally and Physically Prepare for Flume at Comerica Theatre

Flume is hands-down one of the most influential geniuses in the electronic dance industry today. While he has only played a few solo concerts in our area, he has been taunting us with his immaculate sets at multiple festivals nearby. Whether you have seen it with your own eyes, through a computer screen, or from a friend, we all know that Flume is a must-see.

Flume – Skin

Playing at Comerica Theatre in Phoenix with the incredible Cashmere Cat and Charles Murdoch, this will be the show to attend. I’m sure I can speak for more than myself when I say that I will need some serious preparation before seeing him live in September. Some very-real measures need to be taken so that we can all have the best possible night. Here are a few steps to mentally prepare for the night ahead:

1. Make a playlist of your favorite Flume, Cashmere Cat, and Charles Murdoch songs and imagine yourself dancing along at the actual show. This will get you hyped up for the show and ensure you’ll know what to do when they come on stage at Comerica. Who know what these 3 artists might pull? And if you dare, check out his past live sets to see what you could be in for.

2. Now that you’ve properly stalked these masters, make the perfect setlist that you would like to see them play. Picture yourself right before the first lights come on…which song would you choose to play first? Caution: too much anxious excitement might lead to tears. But at the end of the day, know that whatever they choose to play will be just as incredible, if not better (after all, they are the famous ones).

3. Join HYDRATION NATION. Whether it be sweat or tears, we will all be expelling some fluids at this show. Our bodies are probably not prepared for the stimulation we are about to encounter (mentally and physically), and dehydration is one of the most dangerous aspects of going to a show, especially when it’s 110 degrees. We will all have a better time before, during, and after, if we chug-a-chug some litres of water. Don’t do it for us, do it for Flume.

Making it through this show alive will not be easy, but if you follow these few helpful hints you’ll be on the right track to surviving off the SKIN of your nose (buh-dum-tss)


Your friendly Flume enthusiast

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