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B-Side Weekly: Delta Heavy – “Space Time”

Delta Heavy is a Dubstep-influenced British duo that has been quiet in terms of mainstream outreach but have produced critically-acclaimed sets of singles and their first full-length debut in 2016. In 2010, Ben Hall and Simon James faced their earlier tribulations of building their name as well as getting the chance to produce on a label. This landmark year in EDM also marked their entrance into RAM Records, a noteworthy drum + bass label that produced a set of two singles released under the joint-title, “Space Time / Take The Stairs.” While we cannot deny that 2016 has also been a flagship year for these two dynamic individuals, it is hard to fathom that only six years ago, Delta Heavy were still developing their mix of drum + bass with Dubstep. The set of tracks, specifically the 5-minute long “Space Time,” was a marker in their discography which attracted the attention of music mavens and those with a musical ear.

Delta Heavy – Space Time

“Space Time” is a track which performs the duties of three genres, containing a strong melodic structure in adherence to lighter principles of house, and still managing to cram in your daily serving of Dubstep along with drum + bass. The rising and falling chord structure lines up perfectly against the polar synths which make it more than a simple dance tune. At the time of its release, it did have a nontypical “harder” sound that would find itself more welcome in the present than the past. Delta Heavy as a group have had the habit of quietly producing sounds that are adherent to their genre, but definitely have a refined avant-garde styling that gives it credibility.

It is worth noting that “Space Time” has a polished quality that seems almost surprising paired with the fact that they were still developing their brand. Then again, with the presence of the tracks being produced on a larger label influenced the ability of what they could produce at the time. If you are looking for a track that has just enough melodic rough synth to beef up the track mixed with a knowledge of sophisticated percussion,  Delta Heavy’s big-time debut single has what you need.

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