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Bassnectar is Throwing it Back to the OG Rave Days

Bassnectar. There is so much to say about him. He is one of the most charitable DJs in the world, he produces killer music, and he has secret raves? But of course, Bassnectar would host a show with a secret location. It’s a throwback to those OG rave days!

Bassnectar announced that he will be having a “gathering” at a secret location in Downtown Atlanta. Bassnectar says that there was a day when there were no costumed dancers or crazy stages, it was just a bunch of kids going for the music. Bassnectar reflects fondly on his first rave and hopes to bring that memory back to reality and to share it with his fans.

Bassnectar is really pushing the underground rave scene and encourages people to invite their “rave families.” The gathering sold out of tickets almost immediately to those 10,000 basshead fans. Many people want to reflect on the gold ol’ warehouse, rave days.

Unfortunately most of us will not be making Bassnectar’s OG rave, but fortunately Bassnectar will be here this November for Global Dance Festival! Get excited fans because I am literally so excited for this event! I advise to listen to Bassnectar’s most recent album, “Unlimited” with my favorite song “Mind Tricks.”

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