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ATLiens Redefine ‘Robot’ Music with New Release

ATLiens, pronounced “A-T-L-liens,” have done it once again. They seem able to communicate in languages unspoken and even with machines as they bring together an insane vocal line with some of the heaviest bass music out this year. Newest release from the masked aliens, “ROBOTS” portrays a dystopian future where the fate of the human race is tied to a robotic existence as we explore the outer reaches of our universe. This futuristic message pairs well with the chaos which ensues, as the track reaches both of its unique drops and absolutely tears the speakers to shreds. There is nothing quite like this from the unknown artists. Who knows, maybe ATLiens are actually robots themselves?

This most recent release from ATLiens has been absolutely crushing it on the dancefloor, as the Atlanta-based duo finish up the second phase of their Space Cathedral Tour. Drawing influence from their hometown Atlanta, the duo has been able to put their home town on the map so to speak, as they are bringing dubstep and riddim to the South in a whole new manner. This has resulted in this anonymous duo creating some of the most unique and outstanding dubstep tracks over the past five years, and “ROBOTS” is no exception. If you are a fan of chunky bass, insane drops, intricate vocals, and the masterful production of these two, you cannot miss this most recent release as it is sure to make its way into all of your heaviest playlists.

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