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The Chainsmokers Greatest Collaboration Yet Featuring Halsey FINALLY Out

The Chainsmokers have done it yet again releasing a song that’s going to head straight to the top of the charts. Titled “Closer”, the song features a duet between the talented artist Halsey and member of The Chainsmokers Drew himself. Performed for the first time at Coachella earlier this year, everyone has been waiting for this day and its finally here.

Setting a similar vibe to the hit song “Roses”, I’m calling it now that “Closer” will be the song of the summer. Alex and Drew have a way of creating the perfect combination of a chill vibe but also something you can’t help but jump up and dance too. Putting their Chainsmoker touch on the track then combining it with beautiful vocals from singer Halsey, the song really has it all. This electro house production screams top hit. The heartfelt duet tells a story as Drew and Alex explain to :

“The songs about f–king your ex-girlfriend and then after remembering all the reasons why you hate that person.”

How should we feel about the song?

“Whatever they want, but if we had to choose, just an appreciate for the fact we are really challenging ourselves as artists to produce, write and sing on our tracks, in the case of Drew. Obviously thats not what most will take away, so fuck it, just enjoy it, get laid to it, sing it, be sad to it, whatever you want… just enjoy it!” Read more at:

Well Alex and Drew, please keep challenging yourselves because the results are consistently awesome.

Check out the song on iTunes and Spotify now!

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