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Flume Announces and Previews New Skin Companion EP

Some exciting news has just hit the internet via Flume’s facebook fan page. After the booming success of his latest LP titled Skin, the Australian born producer and dj has announced that a Skin Companion EP will be available for purchase in November. Flume said himself that the EP was meant to thank his fans for the continued support that has made his music go platinum in the U.S. and gold in Australia. This new EP is expected to host tracks that were created in the same time frame as the music from Skin, so expect the same flavor in these new creations.

Although every Flume release is a treasure, this one is especially interesting because the collection may be harder to obtain than usual. In his statement to facebook fans, Flume said that “The first Skin Companion EP is a 12″ of songs we are releasing in November. It will be available on vinyl at lots of great indie record stores around the world.” The stores he later noted as distributors of the vinyl include Rough Trade, Phonica, Turntable Lab, Oye, Amoeba, Juno, Boomkat, and Red Eye. This is a very new concept for electronic music fans as most of the music is released for download on the internet. However, if you are a fan of Skin, it will be wise to seek out a copy of Skin Companion EP. And who knows, you may discover an amazing new indie store to buy vintage clothes from! Make sure to check out the upcoming Flume show as he makes his way to the zona for his World Tour on September 27th.

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