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Knife Party Releases “Battle Sirens” Collab with Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello

The Ultra 2016 weekend came to a close with Knife Party’s epic set, both flawless and unforgettable. In addition to bringing out Deadmau5 and reuniting at Pendulum for the first time in five years, the Aussie duo shocked the festival when a man, guitar in hand, joined them onstage as they performed a never-before heard song.

If you’re a true rock fanatic, or if you’ve played Guitar Hero before and realized the uncanny resemblance of the animated character, you knew instantly that it was the legendary Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine who took the stage to perform “Battle Sirens.”

‘Battle Sirens’ is the cross genre hard guitar/hard EDM mash up I’ve been waiting to hear for years. The devastating grooves, monster drops and insane tension that are a hallmark of both Knife Party and RATM are elevated to a crazy level with this jam,” said Tom Morello.

Knife Party & Tom Morello – Battle Sirens

The unconventional yet funky collaboration won over the Ultra crowd and has finally been released today. The four minute song begins like a typical Morello jam, but is quickly infused with a familiar Knife Party beat making it a fierce, funky dance track.

“Tom hit us up when we were in the studio saying he’d always loved the idea of merging his guitar riffs into the electronic world and we bounced some ideas back and forth until we had the final version. Performing this track live as a surprise during our Ultra set was insane” said Knife Party.

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