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Look Inside the Works of Alexander Lewis & KRNE – ‘Fall Apart’ on Splice

KRNE & Alexander Lewis brought the heat with their newly released single, ‘Fall Apart.’ The brass-filled hit is filled with intense trombone instrumentals, along with soft female vocals, wandering percussion, and dynamic horns. With a taste from every orchestral influence, this song traveled through a powerful build up followed by a glass shattering drop, creating a symphony of harmonious emotion.  

As if listening to the song wasn’t already a gift, Lewis and KRNE generously shared their project, allowing fans everywhere to look inside the minds of these incredibly talented artists and see the process of producing this true monster of a song.

Peeking into the world of EDM production, Splice let’s us scroll through one of the most popular DAWs in the music world, Ableton Live 9, and see the beauty behind the track. Showing the entire session view of the track, you’re able to surf each clip slot and even play any individual clip on its own. KRNE even included comments on multiple clips to give listeners a better understanding of his and Alex’s goals for the song. KRNE writes:

“Alex and I kicked this track back and forth a few times, each contributing parts. When it was close I was down in LA and we sat in his studio to perfect.”

Don’t miss the chance to get a taste of the production life! Check out ‘Fall Apart’ on Splice here:

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Connect with Alexander Lewis: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 

Source: Splice

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