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RBDeep In the Mix: Dirtybird BBQ Secret Sauce Mix by Sacha Robotti

San Francisco-based House record label Dirtybird has been dropping basslines and bringing smiles to the dance-floor since 2005. This cult-like label is the one responsible to bring their fans and followers incredible events such as Dirtybird BBQ, and Dirtybird Campout. Dirtybird BBQ is a touring event — similar to the structure of Mad Decent Block Party by Diplo — that usually take place every summer at a few locations across North America; this year’s locations: San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, Brooklyn, and Miami.

Usually, to prepare fans for the BBQ’s, a large group of Dirtybird artists — or as they like to call themselves, “Birders” — get together and create a compilation of great music. These Birders, the olds and the news alike, pitch in their contributions to this compilation, Dirtybird BBQ Secret Sauce, to hint their fans of what is to come from the Dirtybird BBQ’s. Among these Birders is a talented producer/DJ, who could be considered one of the most hard-working Birders in the lineup, Sacha Robotti. Recently, Sacha Robotti took it upon himself to put together most of the tracks from the Secret Sauce compilation into a mix to excite fans for Dirtybird Campout. Here is Dirtybird BBQ Secret Sauce Mix by Sacha Robotti.

This 50 minute mix is a Tech House galore. Not just any Tech House, but Dirtybird Tech House: the type of weird, funky and creative Tech House that meanders between the dirty bass-heavy plains of electronic music and its futuristic shores. This mix features Birders from all around the world, such as Justin Jay, Billy Kenny, Shiba San, Will Clarke, Bruno Furlan, Christian Martin, Ardalan, and more. All these Birders will be showcasing their talents at Dirtybird Campout this October and I am beyond stoked to be able to join other fellow campers and enjoy all of what Dirtybird has to offer at the Campout.

Connect with Sacha Robotti: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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