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Relentless Record Collection: Countdown to Flume

4 years ago, the Aussie EDM mastermind known as Flume, released his debut ‘Flume’ album. It’s safe to say that no one, including Flume himself, knew the success that this album would bring him. This album introduced the world to the electronic wizard, who has become one of the most successful and influential musicians in the industry. Since the release, Flume has stormed the globe, releasing all kinds of magic along the way.

From beginning to end, ‘Flume’ contains tracks that have individually hit the number 1 on the charts time and time again, all over the world. Songs like ‘Holdin On,’  ‘Insane,’ ‘Sleepless,’ and ‘Left Alone,’ are staple tracks that have not only set the bar, but raised the bar beyond any other in the EDM world. The masterful genius that is crafted within every song could not be executed quite like it is when Flume takes control.

This self-titled debut still holds an unbeatable sound, even after years have gone by. Flume revealed his innovative style flowing through each of the 15 tracks, and once the album is done, we are left with no choice but to hit the replay button…and again…and again.

This album was an addictive staple in Flume’s career, laying out his incomprehensible talent, and challenging other producers to channel their creativity and originality. Flume is truly one that cannot be beat.

Since this album, Flume has released another chart-topping album, ‘Skin,’ and continues on his journey of effortlessly slaying everyone and everything.

Although it’s hard to believe, we Phoenicians have the opportunity to be slain by the magician himself, along with Cashmere Cat and Charles Murdoch, next Tuesday, September 27th, at Comerica Theatre. So grab your friends and your mom, because it’s about to get severely emotional.

Don’t miss out on the concert of a lifetime! Buy your tickets here:


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