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The Funk Hunters & GRiZ Tribute Daft Punk @ Burning Man

Has the day finally arrived? Has Daft Punk come out of hiding? The questions have been floating around as to what really went down that beautiful night at Burning Man. Well, we’re here to set the record straight.

Daft Punk is a name that will never go unrecognized. The French electronic duo have become major icons in the music industry, even when they decided to give others a chance to take the spotlight for a while. As the duo went into hiding, their musical influence is still heard in the background of many EDM songs. Their love of house, funk, techno, disco, and even rock lives on, while they sit back and plan for their next break. The masterminds behind the masks will live on.

When the day came at Burning Man, GRiZ took the stage with a master plan that would leave everyone speechless. GRiZ’s style is much like Daft Punk’s, but his creativity is what sets him apart. With an idea to trick the crowd, GRiZ brings out another electronic duo to surprise the fans with a funky fresh set.

The Funk Hunters took the stage with GRiZ, and pretty much performed a set that lived up to Daft Punk’s name without question. Crushing electric guitar synths, instrumental breaks, old style funk with undertones of dubstep, these guys pulled off one hell of a show. This Canadian duo fooled everyone with the talent they brought to the stage…you gotta be pretty good to convince a playa filled with people that you’re the one and only Daft Punk.

So, unfortunately the father’s of EDM who is Daft Punk did not come out of hiding, but I’d say we got pretty lucky with this set anyways.

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