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Three Tracks to Get You “In The Mood” with Nicole Moudaber

After years as a promoter – first in her native Lebanon, then in London – and a long self-apprenticeship in her studio, Nicole Moudaber burst onto the scene like record-wielding Athena. Carl Cox, a close friend and mentor, tipped off DJ Mag in 2009, calling her “the most underrated DJ.” Four years later, Nicole Moudaber is no longer waiting in the wings.

With her trademark shock of untamed dark hair, the Nigeria-born artist can be spotted in a DJ booth by profile alone, rocking crowds before she even drops a record. In-demand all over the world, Moudaber has played everything from intimate after-hours clubs; to revered nightclub institutions like Space, DC10, Output and Stereo; to massive festival stages, including Glastonbury, Electric Daisy Carnival, two appearances at Coachella, and on November 12th she will be here at Monarch Theatre to show us how she gets down. To prep you for the techno realm she will take you into we’ve picked out three songs to give you a little taste of what Ms Moudaber is all about.

1) Silent Sigh

In one of her more darker tracks, “Silent Sigh” really places you in an empty room with nothing but the shuffling sound of something in the distance and the thump of deep and dark kicks. Slowly a bassline enters the field of view to give the song a little more push and soon hi hats begin to ever so lightly dance among the top of the phrase. The track title may be vague at first but hearing the track itself will make you understand the silent sigh that Nicole Moudaber is letting out as phrases are drawn out and silence it utilized as a must-priority.

2) That’s Not Happening (Nicole Moudaber Remix)

In this track, Nicole is going to clearly let you know “That’s Not Happening” a remix by an original track done by Ramiro Lopez & Coyu. This track really lets the tension build up before you finally get down and groovy to the four on the floor pattern developed in this song. As the hi hats slowly build in intensity you’ll be on the edge of your seat all the way through the first drop at 2:00 minutes even.

3) Old Soul (Young But Not New)

With an electrifying beat and electronic keys to set the tone, the energy that this track brings is relentless! Nicole does a wonderful job capturing the essence of an old soul that is wise but yet full of uplifting energy. As the four on the floor pumps, synthesizers fill the air to set an eerie yet uplifting atmosphere as the chord progression dwindles back and forth on a minor second. Synthesizers that zap you like a bolt of lighting put in and out all over the place that really provide the energy of the song the whole way through.

Don’t forget that if you need tickets to the event you can purchase them right here! Additionally be sure to follow Nicole on all social media sites below to stay up to date with any news and updates about herself or her music!

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