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Deadmau5 Confirmed A New Remix Coming Out Soon

Deadmau5 is undoubtably one of the most known people in the industry these days. He was an iconic staple in the industry as electronic music came around to be more and more popular and still even to this day he remains highly significant in anything and everything that has to do with it. Often times he will live stream his studio sessions for others to watch, but this time we noticed something that is pretty noteworthy.

If you don’t know who Noisia is, they are a dutch trio composed of Thijs, Nik, and Martijn. Largely regarded as one of the most distinctive, powerful acts to emerge in bass music, their production techniques are referenced and praised across the entire electronic music scene. For instance, check out this track, “Collider.

Now check out this little video of what Deadmau5 was working on in his studio!

Coming together pretty nicely isn’t it? In fact it was even confirmed in the chat room himself by Deadmau5 that he is remixing the song for them. So this means that hopefully we will be able to hear this one out by ourselves soon!

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