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Dubstep “Daddy” Borgore drops new paternally-inspired track

When has Borgore ever let us down when choosing the vocals to his next controversial dubstep anthem. Inspired by earlier works such as “Nympho” and “Ice Cream,” Borgore is always toying with the topic of sexuality which is apparent in his new tune “Daddy.”

The vocals before the drop feature Borgore in his Israeli accent and a seductive female voice saying “Daddy.” The truly sexy part of the track comes just after as the listener is berated by a compilation of screaming basses and Borgore-style melodies that add a catchy edge to the already magnificent drop. The drums are very dry and heavy which is a common tactic for Borgore due to his immense metal drumming background. The one aspect of the track that stands out the most is is the epic tease at about 1:43 before the second drop. The break feels like a lifetime when waiting for that Borgore bass.

For your convenience, Borgore has been PLUR enough to give his rave children a free download of “Daddy” for you to headbang to throughout the day. Also, check out his upcoming performance at Safe In Sound Fest and make sure to get your tickets early!

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