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Festival Focus: SUNBURN Festival

Make sure you bring your sunscreen for Asia’s largest music festival, Sunburn. Live, love, dance, and experience the event that has unified many. Nestled next to the ocean on the west side of India, the festival is held each year in one of the country’s largest party destinations, Goa. Sunburn does an explicit job providing electronic music lovers with an array of genres consisting of house, dubstep, trap, trance, drum n bass, electro, and everything in between.


The intricate stage developments are almost intimidating, for the main stage spans horizontally for 200 feet! Being front row, you would not be able to fit the entire set up into your line of sight. Within the center of the main stage is a flawless Indian goddess. It ties right into the cultural aspects within the location of the event. The time and effort that is used to display such a fine piece of art for musicians to perform on simply takes your breath away.

Uniting over 100,000 people from all areas of the world, Sunburn is the largest event to happen in Goa. It has interested people near and far, and can be considered one of the most diverse crowds you can experience. With many coming from other sections of India and Asia, you will find Europeans and even some Americans who make it all the way out! The land surrounding the festival grounds is breathtaking, and Goa was considered a large tourist destination before the festival found its home there.


Around the festival, the precious land lays right along the Arabian Sea. Indulge in the waters and feel out the tropical atmosphere as you recover from the festivities. Sunburn chose Goa as its location for multiple reasons, so missing out on experiencing its surroundings would be corrupt.

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