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Relentless Beats’ Top 5 Sets from Life Is Beautiful

At the end of September as summer is coming to a close, Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street were transformed into a fascinating little town for the 4th annual Life Is Beautiful Festival. This is an Insomniac event, so you know production value is going to be high, but this festival boasts so much more than that. The area, already so rich in culture, has incredible art installations at every turn, mouth-watering food trucks lining the streets, as well as speakers and comedians, making it a full festival experience for attendees. The lineup was incredibly diverse, but particularly EDM heavy compared to past years. I knew this was one I didn’t want to miss! Being an all ages event the crowd was equally diverse, but it only contributes to the uniqueness that is LIB. There’s something there for everybody.


The music was so good it was hard to narrow the list down to just 5, but here are the sets that made the top of our list:

5. Die Antwoord

Boy, oh, boy! I had never seen the South African duo Die Antwoord before, but I’ve only heard good things about their performances. This is a set I was really excited for and they didn’t disappoint. There’s something about this group and their vibe that makes you want to get ‘freeky’. Everybody around me was jumping and chanting and enjoying the moment. I’m not sure what category they belong in, or if they fit in one at all. They combine hip-hop with electronic beats that make for a really cool, high-energy, sound.

Die Antwoord – “Fatty Boom Boom” – Life Is Beautiful Festival 2016

4. Mija

Arizona native, Mija, put down a funky set that kept me guessing what was going to happen next. She played to a full crowd at the Troubadour stage on Sunday. She’s been growing in popularity lately and this Life Is Beautiful set was a reminder why. Her sets are never repetitive, and she’s always working in music from different genres. She played her latest remix of Tommy Trash and A-Trak‘ “Lose My Mind” that made the crowd go crazy as well as her happy hardcore-esque track “Better”. She was often head banging just as hard as her fans.

3. Galantis

Galantis is a personal favorite, but this is the best I’ve ever seen them! They played a fun Friday night set that set the vibe for the rest of the weekend. The visuals were something special — playful and vibrant, just like their music. They premiered a new track “Love On Me” with Hook & Sling that had an upbeat pop sound that had everyone moving. This is a set you’ll want to catch when they make their way to Arizona later this year.

Galantis – “Firebird” at Life is Beautiful 2016

2. Zhu

In only two years the Chinese-American, Zhu, producer has made a name for himself within the industry. He ended Saturday night on a sexy, dark note. It was my first time seeing Zhu and considering he’s not as well known as some other headliners I was taken back by the reaction of the crowd. It was a set you could get lost in. Everyone seemed to flow in unison to the deep beats. He played a lot of tracks from his new album Generationwhy, released earlier this summer and some fan favorites like “Faded”.

Zhu – “In the Morning” at Life is Beautiful 2016

1. Major Lazer

I’m a little late to the Major Lazer party (this was my first time seeing them), but man, was it a party! I wanted to be part of the crowd so I worked my way front and center amongst the masses to get as close as I comfortably could. Although this was the last set of the weekend the energy was at an all time high as they closed down the main stage. The dancers were flawless as they moved behind walls of confetti and flames. There was no holding back. Major Lazor seemed to bring the weekend to a proper close, mixing sounds and genres from across the board into one spectacular set.

Life Is Beautiful was truly that, a beautiful experience. If you enjoy top-notch music, inspiring art, delicious food, and a good laugh then this is the festival for you. I’d encourage everybody to check it out at least once. Dates for 2017 have been announced with ticket sales to come soon!

Catch Galantis at Global Dance Festival November 19th and Mija at the Pressroom on November 23rd!

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