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“Do you know who Malaa is?” seems to be one of the most commonly asked questions among the electronic scene these days. The mysterious masked man emerged from no where and seemingly blew up at the same time when he remixed “Lean On” and instantly become a huge hit all across the world. It was at this moment people began to ask really ask, “Who is Malaa?”

Almost a year and a half since then we’ve seen Malaa release loads more of his gangsta-house music including his latest EP, “Illicit”, and his collab with Tchami titled “Prophecy.” Along with his music, Malaa also puts out mix tapes for all of his audience to stay up to date with the latest music he has found that fits his g-house flow. His latest mixtape was his “Who Is Malaa #12” which you can listen below.

In true gangsta fashion, Malaa takes you one level deeper as the bass line thumps and the four on the floor hits you right in your gut. The up and coming genre that Malaa leads is gaining fast attention with no need to really wonder why. Pretty soon Malaa will be at the top of it all and everyone will be asking “Who is Malaa?”

Don’t forget that Malaa will be here on New Years Eve at Decadence to show everyone how he gets down. Tickets can be bought right here and additionally don’t forget to follow Malaa on all social media accounts to stay up to date with any news or music coming out!

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