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RL Grime, What So Not, and Skrillex have been “Waiting” to Release this Gem

Two years and it’s finally here! It’s no wonder the title of the newest release track is called “Waiting.” Bassheads get excited because R.L Grime, What So Not, and Skrillex took their sweet time to complete this masterpiece.

“Waiting” is the sequel to the ever famous anthem “Tell Me” that was released in 2014. R.L Grime and What So Not have been working on both of these songs since 2013. Then, Skrillex began working on “Waiting” this summer.

Tips and clues showed that there was no more waiting time for this hot track. In September, What So Not and RL Grime made the announcement of the new release. Then RL Grime played “Waiting” at the end of his Halloween Mix. Sure enough the new release was November 3 and has reached over 280k plays on Soundcloud.

This song was wonderfully produced. Each of the three artists have three very distinct and signature sounds that you can easily find.  R.L Grime shows his hip-hop bass and horns, What So Not with his rich melodies and synths, and Skrillex that attacks with every bass drop. The track has evolved a bit since 2013 since Flume left What So Not, but R.L Grime says it still follows the same structure.

Thank goodness the wait is over “Tell Me” thrusted trap to become mainstream. It’s a wonder what the sequel will be doing.

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