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How SoundCloud Has Impacted the Electronic Scene

For electronic music lovers, SoundCloud has been the outlet for free music. Even though other music platforms have been competing with the music cloud, SoundCloud has risen to the top in the electronic world. Artists continue to upload their full-length tracks for free so listeners can follow them to hear their new music without having to pay a price.

It’s like Twitter for music. You can like, repost, and make playlists composed of your favorite tracks. When someone reposts a track, it pops up in all of their follower’s feeds at that very moment. Reposting allows users to share the music they enjoy while giving the music producer the exposure they deserve.

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If you search for genres outside of electronic on SoundCloud, you’ll find that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee to listen. Unless you pay, you’ll only be able to preview each track. Fortunately, electronic music producers are all on the same page when it comes to posting their music on the platform, posting the full-length version of the track versus just a preview.

This grants users with the ability to find and listen to new music without having to pay SoundCloud for it. Obviously, SoundCloud loses subscribers when all of this new music is available for free. As a result, SoundCloud added advertisements in-between songs to make up for the loss. Even though there are perks to using SoundCloud Go, the subscription version of the app, users continue to value the free version.

On another note, aside from today’s most-favored producers posting their new music, aspiring electronic artists also use SoundCloud as their place to upload tracks they’ve been working on. Their home-made tunes get uploaded right onto the same site as the musicians with millions of plays. One could be listening to a new EP by Zomboy, but once it ends you’ll be taken to a new track by an underground artist.

Having music created by just about anyone being uploaded onto SoundCloud opens up a whole new world of music for listeners. SoundCloud gives aspiring artists the ability to market themselves easier with the ability to share their music with others way faster than if they were to use any other platform.

With all of that, after SoundCloud introduced SoundCloud Go, listeners worried whether the music they love would still be available to them without having to pay a subscription fee. For electronic artists of all sorts, their full-length tracks still remain complimentary. SoundCloud has made it easier for music lovers to connect with each other and the artists they love while giving the music-makers the recognition they deserve.

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