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RB Exclusive Interview: Corporate Slackrs – Expect the Unexpected

Devin Meadow and AJ Ironman, the men behind Corporate Slackrs are a duo based out of Los Angeles making big waves. They formed in 2012 and their first track, “Smash”, gained huge support from the likes of Tiesto and Laidback Luke. In 2014 they launched the Slackr Summer Tour that took them across the country. Their next stop? Decadence AZ!

We had the chance to ask Corporate Slackrs a few questions about their newest track and their upcoming Decadence appearance:

Your new track “Unexpected” is really awesome, and just that.. unexpected. What’s the inspiration behind this song?

The inspiration behind our song “Unexpected” is exactly what the song is called, unexpected. Devin & I were just messing around in the studio with an old project that we never finished & Devin started to sing on the build (yes that’s Devins’ voice) and we just ran with it. We honestly didn’t know what we wanted to do for the drop until we were just messing around with some sounds and the one we used just stuck. “Unexpected” was literally made unexpectedly by just having fun in the studio and going with the flow.

Tell us something nobody would expect about you!

I think it surprises people when they find out how much Devin & I both love video games & sports. Devin can sit for hours and talk about WOW (World of Warcraft) & the Jaguars, while I can talk your ears off about OverWatch & anything on ESPN. Think of us like athletic nerds.

We’re so excited to have you here for Decadence! How have you spent past New Year’s Eves?

Usually, our New Years eve consists of Devin driving for Uber because he is about that hustle life (Ubers drivers take notes). If Devin isn’t doing that he usually joins me in my slackr shenanigans (most appropriate way to put it). My close friends fly into LA and we just try to have as much fun as possible to bring in the new year right.
We know to ‘expect the unexpected’ of course, but what can fans look forward to from you guys this New Year’s Eve?

Fans can look forward to us bringing the ENERGY. Every show we want people to see how much fun we are having playing music for fans or for people who have no idea who we are. We want people to walk away from the show saying holy shit those Corporate Slackrs guys were crazy. Whether it’s 50 people or 5000 we are going to bring the ENERGY every show.
2017 is right around the corner. What’s in store for the Corporate Slackrs?

2017 will be the year of original music. Devin & I have worked on our production a lot since moving to Los Angeles, and we are really excited to finally share our vocal driven music. We both have been through a lot in our lives and wanted to make music that tells a story, that gets people going emotionally. Whether our song makes you miss somebody or makes you want to party, you will be able to tell we put our hearts into it.

Be there on December 30th when the Corporate Slackrs take the Decadence stage! Get tickets here.

Connect with Corporate Slackrs: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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