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RB Weekend Preview: Grammy Nominee Todd Terry, Dr. Fresch, and More

With this being the last weekend of music before we bring in the new year with Decadence, we’re bringing you some of the latest and greatest sound with Dr. Fresh, NuKid, Bijou, and Todd Terry. As these musician’s work is a bit more laid back, chill out and enjoy what they have to offer at Monarch this weekend.

12/17 – Dr. Fresch + NuKid b2b Bijou @ Monarch

California raised producer, Tony Fresch, has been actively producing under the name Dr. Fresch since 2009. He is best known for his ability to combine soothing electronic elements with earlier R&B hits. This year, he remixed TLC’s “No Scrubs” into his very own version, “No Love.”

Dr. Fresch has coined his music as “future ghetto,” adding to the long list of sub-genres. In an interview with Insomniac, Dr. Fresch explains how interesting it is being able to control and change people’s emotions with music. He later goes on to discuss how all genres of music have inspired him, and toying with different musical instruments and genres have given him his musical aptitude.

On Saturday, Dr. Fresch’s performance will be unconventional. With Fresch being his last name, it perfectly communicates how his sound is of new taste.

Connect with Dr. Fresch: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Opening up for Dr. Fresch is NuKid b2b Bijou. Both of these musicians are hot off the press, as they both originate from the west side of the U.S. NuKid reps Los Angeles, and Bijou is close by in Arizona.

Bijou’s bio articulates, “DJ Bijou will take you down the rabbit hole and spit you out like an erupting volcano. His sets can be described as a walk down the yellow brick road, into the dark forest and out on a white sandy beach. Every set is a journey and he never plays the same set twice. True to his trance roots, he keeps his fundamentals simple, start slow and end fast with each song greater than the next,” so basically one can expect his b2b set with NuKid to be off the chain.

For 2017, expect to see Bijou and NuKid’s names again and again, for their performances have been gaining traction on this side of town. Their recent releases are worth a listen, so check out their Soundcloud and head to their b2b set this Saturday at Monarch.

Connect with NuKid: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Bijou: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud


12/17 – Todd Terry @ Scarlet

Also on Saturday, Todd Terry joins us for another RB Deep special in the Scarlet room. Originating in Brooklyn but heading to London to kick start his music career, Todd Terry found his passion through the intricate fundamentals of using turntables. Since then, he has been producing hit after hit under his own name as well as the beats for other musicians.

One track produced by Terry, “Givin’ You All That I’ve Got,” performed by Robin S, was featured in the recognized movie, Space Jam. Terry has risen to the top with his surplus of hit tracks, and was even nominated for a Grammy. Without a doubt, Todd Terry will demonstrate his reasoning for all of his achievements @ the Scarlet Room this Saturday.

Connect with Todd Terry: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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