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Steve Aoki Remixed “Welcome To The Black Parade” And Gerard Way Loves It

Did you know before Steve Aoki found his home behind the DJ booth he was shredding guitar in hardcore bands This Machine Kills and Esperanza? Yeah, me neither. The prestigious producer and owner of DIM MAK Records won’t let us forget he’s a longtime lover of pop punk/punk rock, and he just released a head-bangingly awesome My Chemical Romance remix.

Whether you’re a MCR fan or not, you probably know every word to “Welcome To The Black Parade,” and if you don’t, you’re about to learn because Aoki’s rendition of the 2006 anthem is irresistible. The perfect blend of teen angst and electronic synths, the track begins with a big build up, and has two drops. The vocals of the legendary Gerard Way are still preserved through the entire song, but the original guitars and drums are overpowered by Aoki’s dance beats and drops.

Aoki and Way paired up in honor of the “Welcome To The Black Parade” 10 year anniversary and released the track exclusively on Buzzfeed first. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Aoki said, “This is absolutely one of the most important songs of our generation. I’m just happy that the 10-year anniversary came out and I was lucky — honored — to be able to work on it.”

Welcome To The Black Parade (Steve Aoki 10th Anniversary Remix)

In response to Aoki’s remix of the most crucial song of his career and his generation, the My Chemical Romance singer, who said his favorite Aoki track is “I Love It When You Cry,” said this to Buzzfeed: “I really loved his remix. And what I love about it is the sounds are phenomenal, and he’s kept the intensity, and I think in some ways, the purpose of the song. So, I loved it right away.”

In addition to celebrating DIM MAK’s 20th anniversary through a series of epic performances, Aoki also had his fun intertwining the two genres by remixing Blink 182’s “Bored To Death,” and featuring Fall Out Boy in his video for “Back to Earth” earlier this year.

Not only does Steve Aoki promote PLUR, he also defends pop-punk. What a perfect blend of musical influence. There’s no word on any upcoming collaborations or remixes, but it’s safe to say whatever is next for him, it’ll be worth the wait. 

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