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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Bring Your Valentine to Crush AZ

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means Crush AZ is, too! We’ve put together a list of reason why you’ll definitely want to bring your valentine here this year!

Love Is In The Air

Love will definitely be in the air at Crush AZ. With Valentine’s Day themed decor, such as hearts shaped confetti falling from the sky, it’s the perfect setting for you and your valentine.


Tickets Are A Perfect Gift

Still haven’t decided what to get that special someone? Don’t panic! Tickets to Crush make a perfect gift that your significant other is sure to love. For a limited time you can still get a two-pack deal, so don’t wait on this; get your tickets now!

You Won’t Want To Miss This Lineup

Neither you nor your rave bae will want to miss this year’s Crush AZ line-up. Get ready to ‘crush’ the dance floor this year with BTSM, Chris Lorenzo, Yellow Claw, Jason Ross and many more!


It’s Something You Can Do Together

I’m sure your Valentine wouldn’t mind a spa day, or a nice box of chocolates, but change it up this year and get them something you guys can enjoy together. And you know what they say, ‘couples who rave together, stay together’!

Memories Last Longer Than Flowers


Ditch the flowers this year. They’re pretty and they smell nice, but in a week or two they’ll be taking up space in the trash. Create some memories with your valentine this year by taking them to Crush.

Make sure you and your valentine are at Rawhide on February 18th for Crush AZ! Get tickets here.

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