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Celebrate the Life of David Bowie With His Posthumous EP

Just days before the one-year anniversary of his death, on what would have been his 70th birthday, David Bowie has returned in the form of musical magic. David Bowie was known for his larger than life personalities, a man so lively and spirited he couldn’t be contained in just one character.

The 4-track EP is as beautiful as the life he lived. These recordings come from work he did for the musical “Lazarus” and in between the Blackstar sessions. Unfortunately, Bowie passed before he could complete another album, but these tracks have been compiled into this final EP of what are believed to be his last recorded works.

As you listen to the tracks it seems fitting that these are the ones to close out this final chapter of his career. “Lazarus” opens with “look up here, I’m in Heaven”. This retrospective, somewhat morose tone continues into the next three songs. The title track, “No Plan” is a melancholic tune about acceptance. “Killing A Little Time” is a heavier rock track and the final track, “When I Met You” has subtle pop influences.

It’s his final farewell, and what better way than through the music that connected him to his fans everywhere. Rest in peace, you beautiful super-human.

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