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Felix Cartal’s Remix EP is Out Now!

Felix Cartal has been everywhere and back in the music game, from releasing singles and remixes to providing multiple motivational Weekend Workout mixes. Gaining a name and collabing with other praised artists, Felix’s feelsy renditions has him climbing the ladder of success.

Just recently posting a Remixes EP, Felix combined 5 of his remixes into a playlist that has everything from Kiiara to Selena Gomez. All of the remixes on this playlist are more than worthy of listening to, whether it be to pump you up or chill you out.

Starting with his remix of Wafia’s ‘Heartburn,’ which was a huge hit, each song in the playlist is undeniably catchy. Featuring other artists like Anna of the North and Rihanna, it’s almost impossible to not dance along. And although there are no debut remixes in the EP, it is nice to sit back and let the playlist take charge.

Until Felix’s next release, which we know will be a gem, we have this EP to get us through!!

Listen here!

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