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Just A Tune Takes a Flip on The Phantom of the Opera

Once again, Just A Tune has released an incredibly unique anthem to love! This time Just A Tune brought the highly-praised 1986 Andrew Lloyd Webber opera, Phantom of the Opera. In the description, he shares that this was the song he used for the intro of his very first tour, and that he thought it was time to share it with the world. Taking the original melody with heavy organ and a beautiful orchestra, we are hooked from the first moment the track starts.

Slowly transforming the song with a funky trap twist, the added synths and ominous sound is a perfect build to the first drop, which is even better than I had expected. And as if the first drop wasn’t enough, the rest of the song continues to get even better.

Remastering such a respected piece in musical history, this track could have easily been a bust. But it is not surprising that Just A Tune completely turned the original into a tornado of emotion, while at the same time making you want to rage.

If you haven’t yet, this song definitely deserves a listen!

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