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Odesza Reveals Three Brand New Tracks At Recent Fest

It’s been two years since Odesza released their full-length album In Return in 2014. They’ve been teasing at a new album since March of this year putting fans on high-alert for new music. Odesza recently hit the stage in Houston, Texas for Day For Night festival where they finally revealed some new music and a taste of what we can expect from the upcoming album. Watch the magic below:

They opened their set with a new ID that has a euphoric sound and builds up to a future bass drop. It’s softer and has an indie feel to it.

Odesza Day For Night Houston – New Song 1

The second new track brings in a mysterious, somewhat whimsical vocal, and has a disco funk vibe.

Odesza at Day For Night Houston – New Song #2

Last but certainly not least, the third ID has a low steady bassline, showing a darker side of the Seattle duo that we love.

ODESZA Day For Night In Houston – New Song #3

All three tracks incorporated live instruments which created an extra-high energy. 2017 should be a big year for Odesza. We’re already excited by the possible variety and we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for the new album!

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