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Tha Collective: Tre Coupe

Tha Collective are a series of events curated by Phoenix rapper Yo$h featuring his hand selected all stars.

Tre Coupe – Funny N*****

Meet Tre Coupe
Growing up in the Bay Area, Tre was surrounded by local underground rappers.  During our interview, Tre mentioned his aspirations to get involved is thanks to California rappers Young Curt, Yung Bari and DP.

In 2010, Tre began to build his musical empire in Phoenix.  At age 16 Tre began joining rap battles at local house parties. By 18 he stepped away from the battles and began writing and recording.  At 19 he recorded his first song ‘Cranberry Sauce’.

Tre stated that the legendary east coast rapper Tupac has been a great inspiration for him.  The influence defiantly translates to Tre’s flow.  Similar to Tupac, Tre’s lyrics give voice to the street life of coast rappers.

In July 2016, his first EP ‘Godfather OG’ was released.  The sequence of songs is impeccable, causing any rap lover to become victim to uncontrollable head bobbing.  This release started to put things in motion for Tre, local rappers, including Yo$h, began connecting with him and his fan base grew.

When asked about how Tha Collective will build his career he stated, “I don’t know anyone here but I’m connecting with everyone”. Being a part of the first Tha Collective party gave him the opportunity to network with like-minded artists and grow his fan base.  Be on the look out for more from Tre coupe, he has big plans in store for 2017.

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