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Why I Hope We Never Find Out Who Marshmello Really Is

In the past few months, mysterious DJ “Marshmello” has taken the EDM world by storm. Even non-EDMers recognize his trademark white helmet with x-ed out eyes and huge grin (like my mom, for example – she think’s he’s adorable). Marshmello has put out some of the best music in the trap and future bass scene I’ve seen yet, and his upbeat tracks inspire nothing but good vibes. So who’s the man behind the music?

My real question, though, is why do we care so much? Marshmello has said himself, “just enjoy the music, don’t worry about me.” I think this is what we need to do; let his music speak for himself, enjoy his shows, and stop worrying about the man behind the mask. He probably just wants to be able to go to the grocery store without being attacked by the Mello Gang, which in my mind, is a fair thing to ask.

Though most of us are pretty sure we know who it is, I personally hope we never really find out who the creative genius behind Marshmello is. Here’s why:

#1 – His shows would never be the same.

If you’ve ever seen Marshmello live, you know how mesmerizing it is to look up to the bright stage and graphic backgrounds to see nothing but a smiling Marshmello helmet staring down at you.


His helmet is part of his presence, and without it, his sets just wouldn’t… feel the same. There’s something about knowing that whoever is up there is doing this just for us. To feel, to dance, and to love the music; not the person behind it. That love radiates to the crowd, and dancing to his music feel so much better.

#2 – Doug the Pug would lose his best friend.

I think this one speaks for itself. I mean, look at this duo!

mello doug

Would Doug even recognize Marshy without his classic head?? How sad would he be if he never saw his best friend again? Who would he eat pizza with? I don’t even want to imagine a world without these two.

#3 – What would we do with all our Marshmello merch?

I have at least 3 shirts, 2 bandanas and a hat with the traditional x-ed out eyes and grin. Even Doug has a Marshmello hat.

mello doug 2

What am I supposed to do with all my stuff if Marshmello changes his alias to Joe Shmoe the Dj? No thank you!

#4 – How mind-blowing would it be if he just disappeared one day?

Imagine this. One day, Marshmello stops tweeting. He stops doing shows. He just… stops. And we never find out. Hopefully that never happens, but assuming it does someday and we never find out his true identity, his legacy would go on FOREVER. We would tell our kids, our kids’ kids, and generations for years about the mysterious Dj who lived and breathed music, and never did it for the fame. His music-first mindset would live forever, never tainted by the actuality of the artist behind the magic.

#5 – I don’t want to stop seeing funny videos of kids dancing in Marshmello heads. Ever.

I can’t even with this one. Keep ‘em comin, Mello Gang parents!

And lastly, #6 – The story behind the music would mean so much less.

Our sweet Marshmello just wants us to love his music and be happy. Our generation spends so much time obsessing about the lives of the celebrities; where they came from, who they’ve dated, what their families are like. We’re known for creeping on everyone and everything important to us. I’m not saying I’m any different – I’m king of creeping on artists, friends, ex-friends, ex-boyfriends, people I meet at the grocery store… Anyway. 

It’s different with Marshmello. We don’t know where he was born. We can’t obsess over his family, his upbringing, we can’t stalk his hometown and all his exes. All we know is what he gives us, which is dope trap anthems to live our lives too. He doesn’t want fame or celebrity, he genuinely wants us, the Mello Gang, to be happy – nothing more, nothing less. And for that, I thank him. Keep it up, whoever you are. 

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