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Cash Cash x ROZES “Matches”

Cash Cash and ROZES dropped the dreamiest and most relatable breakup song today via Big Beat.

Cash Cash brought us this electro-pop beat and ROZES provided the gorgeous vocals, which she debuted on the Chainsmokers’ “Roses.” She now tell us the story of a high school relationship gone sour – as they all do. Check out trippy the lyric video:

This breakup anthem tell the classic tale of one side being substantially more invested in the relationship, and the other side not giving enough love back.

How did you break my heart without even trying?
How are you on my mind? You’re not even talking to me.
You were made of matches, and you burned me to the ground.

Oh, the awful memories this brings back. Luckily the upbeat dance rhythm is enough to make us forget the tragic heartbreak we’ve all inevitably received.

“Me and my best friend were talking about our high school break-ups, and we got into how it’s so crazy how someone can just come in, blow up your life, and then it turns into nothing,” ROZES said in an interview with Billboard. “That’s where I got the idea for ‘Matches.’ In the song, I’m telling the story about sitting on his parent’s couch and you think you’re so in love, but then it turns into a full blown fire.”

I can’t get enough of this track. Let’s all put our hands together and pray Cash Cash comes to AZ soon for a show.

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Source: Billboard

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