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This is Cash Cash’s ‘Finest Hour’

Cash Cash have been on a streak this year with new tracks like ‘Belong’ and ‘Jewel’, but ‘Finest Hour’ is definitely their greatest moment of the year so far. The trio of producers from New Jersey have slowed down a bit from their usual fast bpm of progressive house to give us this soulful single.

The depth and emotion of Abir’s voice, combined with the saxophone and synths, add layers of heart and soul to this song. It’s a combination of pop and electronic (something Cash Cash have mastered), but it’s also much more than that. It’s a powerful song with lyrics like “I’m holdin’ it all by a thread now / I ain’t perfect” while also having all the elements of electronic music that will give you the feels. The saxophone element is a nod to Cash Cash’s original style when they used more live instruments and less electronic synths and sounds. A combination of both styles is just what we needed from Cash Cash. Their last few tracks were similar to this blend of harmonies, so hopefully, we can hear more like this from them in the future.

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