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DJ to Watch – Jimmy Edgar

With his incredibly artistic extravaganza, Ultramajic, Jimmy Edgar has earned a spot as this week’s DJ to Watch. However, the label and other artistic portions of Ultramajic are not reserved to Edgar’s talents. Along with the works of other artists, Ultramajic includes an arrangement of Edgar’s artistic installations to represent his fascination with the existence of other worlds.


“Ultramajic is simply our venture to solidify what we do. The art of collaboration has been lost. In the ‘Age of the Internet,’ we have seen artists become pioneers unto themselves due to lack of communication, and I intend to bridge a bit of that gap with Ultramajic.”

The artistic elements of music should not be forgotten, so Jimmy Edgar composed this project with the help of many. In fact, the label has focused on working with vocalists from the Detroit-Atlanta scene in addition to electronic producers. Hip hop and R&B are heavy in those areas as those elements are considered the core of Edgar’s proposal.

If you focus and think beyond the sound of his music you will expose the concepts Edgar is attempting to unravel. The Seven Hermetic Principles of the Universe are a huge motive for Edgar, as he has launched a series in account with each one.


Funny enough, Edgar’s music career originated in Detroit. Playing piano as a child determined him a hometown hero, but by the age of 18 he was playing numerous instruments. He released his first compilation in 2004 with two more to follow in 2005 and 2006. Following those releases, Jimmy Edgar has been active in the electronic community to this day.

Without a doubt, Jimmy Edgar is an interesting dude. He’ll be joining us for Wet Electric on April 29, so purchase your tickets and join the event page.

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