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Literally Break Your Spine with Herobust’s Full EP “Vertebreaker”

At the beginning of February, Herobust dropped an EP appropriately titled Vertebreaker, because it’s going to make you headbang so hard you’re probably literally going to break your spine.

It all started with the original song, “Vertebreaker,” a track that invites listeners to break their necks to some of the most disgusting, deep bass that’s ever come out of Atlanta. His deep South sound never comes lightly; Herobust, formerly known as Hayden Kramer, has made a name for his no-nonsense dirty trap and hip hop vibes. “RAVE SHIT meets RAP SHIT,” as his Twitter bio proclaims.

Herobust’s EP features 6 songs that you have to thrash to. They will intoxicate your muscles and overwhelm your brain with a firey need to throw your body around to the heavy, ‘busted’ beats that make up these tracks. The second on the EP, “Dirt Heater Tea,” says everything you need to know about these tracks:

“Turn up, we love that dirty, dirty, dirty.”


Seriously, Herobust outdid himself with his ability to bust a track and make you move. So throw on a neck brace and check out the whole EP below:

Herobust’s style incorporates the best of Southern hip-hop with heavy bass, triple hi hats and disgusting layered syths. I can’t get enough.

Recently, Herobust announced Phase II of his North American Tour. Right around the end, he’s going to bless us with his presence at Bassrush Massive AZ, a festival he’s sure to destroy with his uncanny ability to get a crowd fucking rowdy. You don’t want to miss this. See the full lineup and get your tickets here!

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