Relentless Beats

Escape into the Art of Sam Gellaitry!

The young Scottish producer, Sam Gellaitry, takes his craft to new heights, creating vividly cinematic sounds from his inspiration of photography. His Escapism’series has brought massive success and shed new light on taking the beauty behind a lens to transform a new style of art.

Escapism III is the latest edition to the series, as if the last two weren’t amazing enough. Gellaitry’s style is so unique in his sound that he sparks interest in each beat through every track. From beginning to end, there is so much diversity that whirls us forward and backward into complete oblivion. This EP, much like his previous two, has a captivating, almost hypnotizing power that makes you forget about everything but the track you’re listening to. Each track is completely inspired by the world. The EP as a whole flows seamlessly, while the independent tracks speak for themselves.


This type of music makes me appreciative of the talent and inspiration that some artists put forth. Gellaitry deserves huge praise for his work, and until he releases another piece of art, we have more than enough to get us through.

If you haven’t heard this insane EP yet, you are missing out! Luckily, you can stream it above right now.

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