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Experience Major Lazer in a Whole New Way: A Hulu Virtual Reality Exclusive

Live Nation has teamed up with Hulu to present a brand new 360-degree experience, the groundbreaking and immersive new virtual reality docu-series “ON STAGE.” Noah Heller, VP of Emerging Technology at Hulu, said

“Virtual Reality is an entirely new medium, and ON STAGE is a first-of-its-kind premium music experience. Our partnership with Live Nation, a company that is synonymous with connecting music fans with their favorite artists, has allowed us to create an experience where you, the fan, are on the stage for the performance, and backstage with the artist. The result is a highly intimate experience that you cannot find anywhere else.”

The first episode debuted in January and featured Grammy Award-winning recording artist, Lil Wayne. The next episode in the series is featuring Major Lazer and premiered On May 16th via the Hulu VR app and will later be released in theaters on July 28th.

ON STAGE: Major Lazer 360 Trailer • Now Streaming in Hulu VR


The series follows the group as they perform in Kingston, Jamaica at their annual “Major Lazer & Friends” concert at Mas Camp and explore the roots of modern Dancehall. Fans walk the streets of Kingston alongside Major Lazer as the group recounts how Jamaica and its musical styles influences and inspires their music. “In Jamaica, you feel the dance music culture everywhere, from the street dance-offs where the selectors play the sounds, to the legendary studios where the music is being played, it all shapes the Major Lazer sound.” Get ready for a unique behind-the-scenes experience featuring Diplo, Walshy Fire, and Jillionaire.

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