Relentless Beats

Get Yourself a Passport to Heaven!

I’m sure all of us have dreamt about going to every single festival on Earth. Once you start, is it actually possible to ever stop? Well, your dreams could become a reality! If you have 800 bucks packed away saved for something special, this is your chance to experience the best festivals in the world….all of them.


Livenation announced an incredible new Passport that allows you to purchase General Admission tickets for over 90 festivals in North America, Europe, and Australia. For 2017 only, you get a golden ticket to every dreamland of incredible music that you could ever imagine. This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Tickets went on today at 10 am PST, and according to Livenation, tickets are limited! For other information, festival names, and updates check out the website!

Endless dreams will come true with just one passport. Could this be your next item to cross off the bucket list? I think so!

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