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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Take On Hans Zimmer’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Theme

Hans Zimmer has been getting some well-deserved attention from the EDM world as of late. He performed at Coachella this past April, recently got the remix treatment from Delta Heavy, and now Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are putting their spin on a Hans Zimmer classic as well.

It’s a cinematic masterpiece perfect for the big screen and the dance floor. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike kept it recognizable but gave it a fun big-room update.

He’s a Pirate (From “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”/Hans Zimmer vs D…

“He’s a Pirate” has a pounding beat and fierce synths, while keeping Vegas told Variety, “For us, it was very important to respect the original. We wanted to keep the vibe and the atmosphere, but give it a touch of today,” and they did just that! Vegas continues to say, “the reaction is really great. It’s got an edgy feel and everybody loves the Pirates theme.” They Belgian duo attended the Paris premiere of the film along with stars Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. This remix won’t be found in the movie but is a bonus track on the digital soundtrack, released May 26.

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