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Relentless Beats x Daily Playlists: Styles & Complete + Doctor P

To kick off the week Relentless Beats and Daily Playlists have rounded up the best new tracks and artists that we’ve got on repeat at the moment!

This weekend Relentless Beats presents Styles & Complete on Friday July 7, at Gypsy Bar and Doctor P on Saturday July 8, at Monarch Theatre in Phoenix, AZ. This week’s playlist features tracks from the above artists and many more.

The electronic sounds of producer Fugue with new track “Trails” are within the tracklisting, whilst just out through Sony Music Belgium is “Never Met You,” the new release from rising producer Todiefor. Blossoming bass talent DENILE drops his forward-thinking track “This Will Never Be,” a wicked cut. Meanwhile, UZ & Stooki Sound get raw and dirty in their fresh collaboration with Foreign Beggars on literal banger “Bang.”

Make sure you check our playlist out week after week to stay up to date on the latest and greatest new music from us here at RB…

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