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Did Chance The Rapper Save Soundcloud?

It is not just a music-streaming platform; it is the heartbeat of the music sharing community. For the past two years, SoundCloud has been in financial distress due to a lack of profitability. The implementation of SoundCloud Go was their greatest attempt to flood revenue back in by offering a paid subscription which unlocks tracks and blocks ads; this has failed miserably. Updates were given yesterday eluding to the applications fast approaching demise. The music streaming community was petrified. The beauty of SoundCloud is that it comes without rules and restrictions; anyone who has something to share is free to share. The diversity of music and artists that SoundCloud fosters is unparalleled by any other streaming site. Some of today’s most inspiring artists got their start on SoundCloud.

In the hopes of saving face, SoundCloud came out with a less-than reassuring statement, which read: “To clarify, SoundCloud is fully funded into the fourth quarter. We continue to be confident that the changes made last week put us on our path to profitability and ensure SoundCloud’s long-term viability.” The fourth quarter is a mere five months away and that leave’s fans with one question, “then what?” Only five more months of EDC sets and an unlimited amount remixes? We will not be okay without the Cloud.

Great news and evidence as to how invested SoundCloud users are in this site can be seen in a recent tweet made by Chance The Rapper stating, “I’m working on the SoundCloud thing.” This world-renowned Hip-Hop artist paved his way to winning a Grammy by sharing his music on SoundCloud. His act of heroism seems quite fitting. His newest Twitter post just may break the Internet. SoundCloud seems to have been saved. Just a few hours ago he tweeted, “Just had a fruitful conversation with Alex Lijung. @SoundCloud is here to stay.” In order to show just how confident he is in the streaming service, Chance has released a new single, “Big B’s” exclusively on SoundCloud, and it’s already surpassed 1.3 million plays in two days, which must be worth something in the streaming biz. The song, available exclusively on SoundCloud, ironically features the two MC’s boasting about the fruits of their labor. Whether Chance is “saving SoundCloud through a track,” as one commenter asked halfway through his verse, or simply finding clever ways to self-promote, it’s a jamming proclamation!


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