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DJ Mag Top 100 Voting is Open Now! Check Out Our Picks.

DJ Mag’s highly-anticipated “Top 100 DJs” poll is back, and this year your vote has an impact! The magazine is partnering with Unicef in 2017 to raise funds and awareness for children in need. Unicef aids children in over 190 developing countries, providing them with necessary vaccinations, educational materials and much more to ensure they live happily and healthily. The competition has already raised over £10,000 and invaluable attention to their cause. Donate HERE.

Now, on to the voting.

Honestly, I’m not sure any of my 5 picks will top the list (or even break the first 50), but it’d warm my heart to see at least one of their names amongst the Tiesto’s and Calvin Harris’. I kept my list confined to artists I’ve seen live. After all, you only get the full experience in person, right? Check them out:

Justice: the Parisian duo shook the ground with their return, ignited by their third studio album, Woman. Combined with a killer live show and a mystical aura reserved for the coolest of rock stars, and you’ve got my favorite act of 2017. Period.

Richie Hawtin: Richie is no stranger to “Best DJ” lists. A pioneer of minimal techno and a champion of musical innovation through technology, Hawtin continued to push the boundaries of live dance music with his new audiovisual experience “Close”. Watching Richie’s hands create the sounds as I was hearing them changed my perception of dance music. Here’s a glimpse:

Recondite: Earning the #2 spot on Resident Advisor’s “Top 40 Live Acts of 2016,” Recondite’s live set is the definition of an immersive experience. The humble producer takes you on a journey to put it simply. His sounds encapsulate listeners in an ethereal atmosphere while simultaneously satisfying their craving for hard-hitting techno. Suitable for daytime partying, after hours in the warehouse, or the lonely drive to work.

Hot Since 82: This dude can do no wrong. Flawless production, immense prowess behind the decks, and a coolness factor all contribute in making him a staple at the biggest dance festivals. If you think you can only get your hard-hitting bass fix at dubstep and trap shows  -go see HS82. Two hours later, you’ll be screaming for more.

Billy Kenny: This goofy and fun-loving character absolutely smashed this year’s Phoenix Lights Festival. A fixture on the This Ain’t Bristol and Dirtybird labels, Billy’s been grinding to ensure he’s continuously improving upon his craft – both on the tables and in the studio. Watching him layer tracks, samples and loops seamlessly gives me hope that, while house music is evolving, the true art of creative DJing will live on. Shoot him a tweet, he’s super friendly!

Voting is open now until Wednesday, September 13th @ 11:59 pm BST (4:59 pm Arizona time). Head here to submit your 5 favorite sultans of spin.

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