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Drinker Drops New Single ‘Fake It’

Every so often in the electronic community, we have artists coming together as power duos, bringing their sounds to the next level, and multiplying their production values to gargantuan proportion. Drinker may be fresh on the scene, but Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh are already changing up this notion by incorporating a minimalist soundscape of sound.

Ariel had just finished scoring the Sundance-premiered horror flick, The Eyes of My Mother, which had an analog simplistic set of stylings that inspired the duo to collaborate on tracks Aaron believed would be the perfect combination. Minimal arrangements are the name while tapping unexplored musical avenues are the game. Both minimalist mavens have been hard at work, collaborating on their upcoming Happy Accident EP coming out on August 11th on Dollar Slice Records.

Their debut single, “Which Way Is South” garnered quite a few promotional spots on popular music blogs, the duo is pulling another weapon out of their arsenal with the recent release of their second single on the floor, “Fake It.”

Like their introduction into the scene, “Fake It” introduces the listener to the smooth cooed vocals of Aaron, while matching the lyrics with meticulous production stylings from Ariel that rival simplicity. While their tracks can be considered minimalist, there is no question that Drinker looks to explore a plethora of sounds many artists haven’t yet accessed on the surface. Ariel and Aaron are setting a standard for any artist who wishes to combine electronic sensibility with cinematic ambient sounds and a strong grasp on musical prowess.

“Fake It” is not a track crafted by a beginner bedroom DJ, and it certainly doesn’t fit into the average standards of the much-maligned term EDM. Both individuals managed to craft a track that is both mindful of music composition and melody but satisfies the ears of seasoned listeners that get bogged down by simplicity.

This is just the beginning of Drinker’s journey. Check out “Fake It,” and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the eclectic duo that doesn’t need any bells or whistles to make a statement.

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