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Drinker Mixes Indie and Electronic on Latest Single

Things have been on the up-and-up for Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh of Drinker since their remix of the Memoryy track “Over You” reached #1 on Hype Machine. Since their debut and later breakout single, “Fake It,” the Drinker name has been experiencing relative success with their fluid style which contradicts the status quo of the mainstream. Their new single, “Follow,” adds 10 more helpings of bass we surely didn’t expect from the past.

While tracks on the chill side of the spectrum favor rising chords instead of direct bass influence, “Follow” destroys the notions their past songs have given us and deliver distinctive bass hits to set the tone. Lyrically speaking, “Follow” is a shining example of the changes Drinker has contributed to further develop a mature foil to the throwaway lyrics we frequently hear within the electronic realm. Instead of contributing lyrics which display the focus on the production and have no correlation with the track, “Follow” contains all the humanity and lackadaisical emotions portrayed by the vocal tone and “bedroom bass.”

“Follow” may be a direct departure from their past singles, but it should make fans ready for a certain future of emotional electronica. Drinker displays depth to listeners, especially in a group of genres where the lyrical content points more toward “party” and much less reflection. While it may not be conventional EDM, a change of pace within the mainstream soundscape would be incredibly welcome. Feel the vibes for yourself and check out the track here.

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